Going Blonde

I’ve been meaning to write this entry sooner, but got too lazy…

I have been thinking about going blonde for awhile now, since December.

So far I got mixed reviews from people. “Don’t do it. I can’t imagine you with blonde hair.” “Ooh go for it!” “Really?! Jane?!”

At first I really wanted to do this hairstyle:

My parents were obviously very against it. I would be too much of a rebel – a “kkangpae” as they say. “People are going to think that Syracuse turned you bad.”

* Just in case people mistaken this picture for Jessica of SNSD. It’s actually JeonHyosung of Secret.

I know that this might be a phase right now, but it sure is a long phase of 5 months. I want to dye my hair blonde/light brown one time in my life. I won’t be able to later on when I have to apply for med schools, interviews, when I work in the real world, etc.

It might be a drastic change, but then again I used to have purple/pink peek-a-boo hair.

I want to dye my hair during the summer because it’s summer. Having lighter hair in the summer is natural. It makes you look less hot from heat.

I was hesitating a little bit because I am going to “med school” this summer in a little over a week. I have to dress professionally because I will be in the hospital setting. It might be weird for an Asian to have such an unnatural hair color…. but maybe I’ll stand out more to the doctors and professors? I will probably dye my hair back to a more natural color before going back to school in the fall because it will look really bad and awkward when my natural hair starts growing out.

I wanted to dye/bleach my hair more yellow, but now I’m thinking more light light brown. These are my final choices:



Jessica #1

Jessica #2

So, should I dye my hair? If so, which color from the four pictures  (or any from above)?


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