Bye Sophomore Year

I was only going to update a brief facebook status, but it got so long that it would be better to be a blog post.

After a hectic day of pulling an all-nighter, taking my last final, packing and moving all my belongings into my house for next semester, taking care of last minute business, getting delayed and stuck at the airport, I am finally home in Chicago!

My mom cooked some good food for me and I’ve been watching Korean ntv until 4AM… downloadable tv is so addicting… I’ve been wanting to come home to this LOL.

Strangely, I’ll miss ‘Cuse. It’s a different feeling from last year. I wanted to get out of Syracuse asap, but it’s sad that I won’t see a lot of people next semester. Today was overall a good day. So many surprise hugs.

Bye sophomore year. It hasn’t really hit me. I can’t believe I am going to be an upperclassman and halfway done with college. What a scary thought.

I’m an oldie 20 year old and today I was hugging my stuffed animal doll around the airport from Hancock to Ohare.

‘Cuse, you have really babied me. I secretly love it, but yeah I need to grow up :( and start acting like a real upperclassman and leader.


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