Current Status: Timeless


Look at using the last example.  Haven’t you had to cite sources in other academic papers you’ve written?  Citing means giving credit to the source you’ve used in your paper.

The majority of the essay should be your argument and your ideas supported by sources.  It isn’t a report.  It’s a research paper.  It’s about complicating the conversation not regurgitating information.


Wow. Could my WRT205 instructor be any meaner? I should have wrote her a bad evaluation. I’m too nice to write anything bad for evaluations ha.

I’ve been doing all-nighters this whole week. It’s not even finals week. What am I saying? I’ve been doing all-nighters since I came to college.

I have a HUGE organic chemistry exam in less than 14 hours. I barely know anything.

I have a HUGE minimum 10 page research paper due in less than 32 hours. I only have 2 pages down.

I have a speech clinic observation project due in 10 hours.

I have a bio clicker quiz in 6 hours. I’m planning on just guessing/failing. Sigh.

I have small group in 16 hours.

Will I have time to sleep at all? EHH.

I am getting so sick too. Even if I sleep I don’t ever feel refreshed. My bags/dark circles are growing. It’s the end of April, but I’m wearing a hoodie, peacoat, uggs, and a scarf because it’s so cold (due to my cold/flu). I have lost my appetite. The only thing I can eat are fruits, juice, water, pb&j sandwich, and yogurt. I have cold sores/cysts/cuts/I don’t even know in my mouth, so it stings. I’m SO dizzy. I’m so tempted to sleep…….. zZzzzz


One thought on “Current Status: Timeless

  1. dont think about the emotional aspect of it, try to only focus on what’s ahead of you and work fast to get things done

    but on a more positive note, Philippians 4:13


    u can do it!

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