Too much fun on 심심해.com

심심해.com sure does waste my time…

A while ago, I just posted my brain map on my tumblr:

I was looking around on this Korean site and there were tests to see my compatibility with different celebrities and “idols” (아이돌) – like the teen boy bands/girl bands.

I decided to give it a try because it’s funny.

I looked up what 궁합 meant on yahoo dictionary/translator. I thought 궁합 meant more of compatibility, but I guess there’s a different connotation to it: “matching the horoscopes of a prospective bride and groom.”

Ok I guess I will get married to these people.

First up, my best male candidates to get married to:

#1: 조인성 (JoInsung)

#2: 공유 (GongYoo)

Wow Korea’s hottest actors. Thank you. LOL.

Now I pretended to be a guy. Let’s see who I would most likely get married to if I were a guy:

#1: 문근영 (MoonGeunYoung) – Ok a lot of guys like her. I wouldn’t mind.

#2: 김신영 (KimShinYoung) – hahaha what the. I guess this site knows that I love to watch her parodies, but would I get married to her if I was a guy? eh.

Next I took tests to see which 아이돌 (idol) I would get married to:

SS501 김형준 (KimHyungJoon)

Hmm ok. I LOVE SS501, but he’s not my favorite :(

What about charismatic 현중 (HyunJoong) or seductive 정민 (Jungmin) or cutie 규종 (GyuJong) or romantic guy 영생 (YoungSaeng)? Hmph

Again I pretended to be a guy to see which idol star I would marry:

가인 (Gain) of Brown Eyed Girls? Ehhh Sorry 권, but I’m not much of a fan of your on-air wifey blahh

There’s so many other prettier idol girls why didn’t I get them? LOL

Wow this was a good waste of time, but it was fun! LOL


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