Dream Log #3

I haven’t updated in so long. I just never had the chance. I always have something on my mind to write about, but I never log into wordpress to type it out.

Lots have been happening in my life. Too much to even think of. I’ve been pretty moody and pissed these days. I dunno. I want to just go HOME. I haven’t had this feeling in such a long time. I’m so sick and tired of school and Syracuse. I want to relax in Chicago.

I just wanted to record one of my dreams. I need to write them down faster because I’m forgetting them all.

Dream Log #3:

I was talking to this guy who is younger than me. Let’s say his name is “David.” We were eye-ing this middle aged man we saw from a distance, and I noticed that he was coming near us. The middle aged man headed toward “David,” and they stepped aside to talk privately. I gave “David” the look (oh hey I think he is interested in you JK). “David” smirked back as a joke. Then things just got weird and the middle aged man started sexually harassing “David.” It was to the point that “David” was crying. Conveniently, my dad was an arms distance away and I told him to smack the middle aged man in the ear. My dad hit him hard in the ear and kicked him out of the room. After we shoved him out the door, the middle aged man was staring back at us through the tiny window on the door. I couldn’t control myself and let out some profanity, calling him “stupid a$$hole.” I was kinda shocked I even said that. Then the middle aged man said, “How dare you say that to me. I’m old enough to be your dad. You could be my daughter.” Then I smart mouthed him, “Well HE (pointing to “David”) could be your son.”

What a weird dream…


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