Drunken Tiger JK

I follow Drunken Tiger JK on twitter. He is a hip hop artist in Korea. I actually don’t know much of his music. Sorry I’m not a true Korean. I found his tweets to be interesting and worth pondering upon, so I am posting them up on my blog:

ㄱ 나요? Do u remember ?

비켰나요? Are u lettin it slide to the side?

시켰나요? Who does the thinking for you ?Who controls your mind body and soul?Who’s makin you do them things you do?

이겼나요? So did u win? Did it feel good? Who won?

잊었나요? Did you forget?

지쳤나요? Are you tired?

미첬나요? Are u crazy? Or am I?

삐졌나요? Are u mad me ? Or at ya self?

비웠나요? Did you empty em , ashtray, trashcan ,greed, sin,jin, piss, kiss of burnin cyst, ignorance that cumz wit bliss,or hateful wish lists?

치웠나요 ? Did u clean,move,rearange ya room, desk,office,letters from your love or land lord, bills, broken glass in the street,or cheat sheets

지겹나요? Are u sick of it? Well I’m sick not becuz of or it , got hand picked by god to be ill and she forgot to make a cure for it

자, ja , .sleep ,hey, here, ruler, and something hot and heavy

His family is cute.


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