I am extremely lightheaded. My vision is blurred, and I feel like I am going to faint any minute. It’s really scary actually.

I have been EXTREMELY lightheaded this whole week. I thought it was because I haven’t been sleeping this week. I’ve been at the library until 3-4AM everyday.

But there’s definitely something else. Something is wrong with my body. I have been taking my iron supplements (if I remember), but I don’t think it’s been helping.

I was looking online about lightheadedness. Apparently it’s a symptom of when one has low blood sugar levels, low blood pressure, anemia, or dehydration, and this can lead to heart problems.

I am probably misdiagnosing myself, but I feel like I have all of them. I have anemic symptoms, so my mom has been telling me to take my iron pills. I had kinda high blood pressure during the summer, but during the winter my blood pressure dropped really low. Also I have always been having these heart aches and artery aches. I should drink more water. I should sleep more. I should eat more. I never take care of my body, and I should, but I would rather neglect my body than to neglect my responsibilites. I want to go see a doctor, but I can’t…

Because I’m really lightheaded and stressed, I am SO cranky, annoyed, getting pissed off so easily. I get so angry by people. Everyone is so obnoxiously loud I want to tell them to SHUT THE… mouth. People inΒ  my orgo class are SO ANNOYING. Today I was trying to pay attention, but my vision was being blurred, so I couldn’t really see. I was also very tired, I was dozing off, but these people… UGHH. I want to kill them. jk. not really. jk. It’s the same group of people who don’t know how to shut up. I think I might explode one day.

People think I am so nice and never get angry… but people have been seeing my pissed side lately… I am sorry :(


One thought on “>:|

  1. you should totally explode on their faces and scare the crap out of them so they’ll never bother you again.

    jk.. kind of. hey even jesus got angry. but for the right reasons i guess.

    hoping we’ll get to catch up sometime. i have exams this week weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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