Pet Peeve

Things that are pissing me off at the current moment:

People who speak in Korean who shouldn’t be… Ok that’s really mean. I’m not the best at Korean either, but it’s so annoying when people consistently use a vocabulary word wrong, or consistently use the wrong verb form. Should I tell them that they aren’t speaking properly? That’s pretty mean too and I’m scared of how they will react: “Who do you think you are to correct my Korean?! Go work on your own.” It’s great that they are trying to get in tune with their mother language and what-not, but please use it correctly… Korean-Americans these days can all speak some Korean because they have to communicate with their first generation parents somehow. Kids are able to communicate with their parents even if their Korean skills are not greatly developed. However, those skills won’t get them far in communicating with people outside their family.

It may be very hard to imagine, but I was white-washed when I was a kid. I hated everything about Korean culture. I wanted to be white so badly. Korean is my first language since that was the only language I knew how to speak in until I went to school. I don’t remember at all how I acquired English, but that’s how amazing the human brain is (hahah my love for neurology is coming out). I stopped speaking Korean completely. Up until college, I only spoke in English with my parents, even though they couldn’t understand it well. No wonder we always fought due to miscommunication.

Starting from 5th grade, though, I really got into Kpop. My life was changed after that point. LOL. I was more interested in Korean culture, but I still had difficulty speaking in Korean because of my white-washed phase. Difficulty, not as in, I didn’t know how to speak Korean, but a difficulty in swallowing my pride. I knew how to speak Korean, but I just never did. Therefore, my Korean did get a little rusty, meaning I developed an American accent.

When I was 13, I went to Korea for the first time in my life, all by myself. The people in Korea knew I was from the States, so they were really impressed by my English, but they thought that I couldn’t speak Korean at all, even though I did know. I tried speaking, but my American accent, threw them off and they discouraged me in speaking in Korean and said it was fine since I am an American. That hurt my pride.

I used to be really white-washed, but then I went into this huge fob phase, and I realized I’m becoming more fob as the days go by… Anyways, I really got into Korean media and culture, so I was mastering my Korean skills, but I never showed it. I guess I have “mastered” Korean by getting rid of my accent (althought it does still come out when I’m nervous), knowing a lot more vocabulary words than others, and knowing grammar, syntax, etc, but yeah honestly it’s true that I am so much more comfortable with English.

So… I don’t even know where I am getting with this. I just wrote about my whole life. The meaning of this post was to say how I get really annoyed by people speaking Korean incorrectly. It’s like a foreigner trying to speak in English, but all he says is, “I doong go to church” for “I do go to church” because he doesn’t know how to use the correct verb form of “do.” I don’t know, maybe I’m just mean, or I’m having my mood swing.

Another thing that is annoying……… 다른 부모님이 너무 집착하고 잔소리가 많을떼. 오우 진짜 짜쯩나. 대학생들은 자기의 인생을 살아야 한다고 생각한다. 다행이 우리 부모님은 안 그렇다. 간섭을 아예 안한다. They know how to leave me alone too well. Sorry I had to write that in Korean because I wanted to keep it a bit discreet. However, me writing that in Korean probably contradicted to what I wrote about this whole time…


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