Racism in America

So I was looking up videos on youtube for ideas for my speech/show-and-tell presentation about racism for my writing class. I was stressing out because I didn’t know what to talk about in class. I have to write a paper on it as well… all due in several hours. Sigh. I was browsing around and I came across a heartbreaking video and other videos that made me think so much.

I am officially in love with ABC 20/20. It’s a more documentary-styled news, so it’s really interesting. I feel like my eyes are being opened. I was browsing around the ABC website and I saw previews for the new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Those looked really tempting to watch. Both are medical-related, so the more I should be interested right? I don’t watch TV, so I never bother watching American shows because they run for so many seasons. I usually end up watching Korean stuff a lot because the dramas are relatively short. I don’t have to watch every single variety show in order to understand the plot or anything since there is none. I usually watch Korean shows for the celebrities that I like. If someone I like is in a particular show, then I will watch it. American shows are more plot/drama-based. It runs for seasons and seasons, and I just can’t keep up (especially since I don’t have a TV or “time”). No wonder I stopped watching Gossip Girl.

Anyways, back to the main point of this post: racism in America.

I would love to write more about my thoughts, but I think the videos are pretty self-explanatory. The whole time I was thinking, “That’s so messed up…”

I’m probably going to give a speech on this… but what should I say? Hmm

Here are some ABC 20/20 episodes:


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