Dream Log #1

Welcome to my mind when I’m asleep! I’m going to start writing a dream log because I dream a lot, and all my dreams are so weird/funny/creative. I love my dreams…

Esther wanted me to drive this church van-look-a-like somewhere. I guess there was no one else to drive it. We were on top of something, so I couldn’t drive off this piece of land or else we would all die. The rule was to reverse park or something. I’m not very good at reverse parking and I couldn’t see past this huge van, so we almost fell off this cliff a couple of times, but fortunately we didn’t. So I parked many times in different parking spaces, but Esther didn’t like where I parked. She said we should park closer to this particular building, so that she could get to see this cute boy there. So I said ok. I drove closer to the building to find a parking spot. All the parking spaces near the building, however, were handicapped parking. 3 rows were reserved for handicapped. At last I found a non-handicapped parking spot. I didn’t want to reverse park, so I said, “Screw it. I’m forward parking.” I parked. Nothing happened, so I thought it was fine. Esther and I, and I think there were a couple other people but I don’t remember their faces, walked to go inside this building. We all dispersed when we got inside and this is the start of another dream sequence within the same dream.

Apparently, someone has been talking about me and spreading rumors about how I was in love with some guy. I don’t really remember, but I think his name was Jihwan (derived from 강지환). However, I wasn’t in love with him or anything. I don’t know why I was in that particular building, but I was just there. There were a lot of people (maybe 30ish) and I didn’t know any of them. I was standing alone, awkwardly. This guy was watching me from afar and kept on staring at me. I felt awkward and kept doing my shifty eye thing. I didn’t know who he was, but apparently he was Jihwan. He was sitting on top of a chair with his arms on his knees. This dream was so vivid, so I remember even his sitting position. Anyways, he kept staring at me and I didn’t move either, but somehow in the next “screenshot” we were closer together. We were talking distance apart. I was still standing sideways. Before I didn’t know who this Jihwan person was, but apparently now I knew him. He was really good-looking HAHA because his face was 박용하’s (Park Yong Ha = a Korean actor). This is a picture that I just found of how he looked in my dream. He had his bangs down, looked a little younger than this picture, and no facial hair. It was really random because I never was really obsessed about him and I haven’t watched anything that he was in since last summer. Anyways, Park Yong Ha or Jihwan in my dream, started talking to me. He wasn’t smiling at all.

He said, “Hey I heard you like me.”

I didn’t know about the rumors, so I said, “Yeah… You’re a really nice guy..”

He said, “You shouldn’t like me. I’m not ready for a relationship and all.”

I didn’t say anything because I was really confused, but I was thinking, “What the heck. When did I ever say I wanted to be in a relationship with him? I’m 19 and he’s like 26. What the?”

And then, he just left me there.

I got rejected. hahaha. I was really confused. Oh and I remembered looking in a mirror in my dream, and I had this really cute hairstyle. I had really layered side bangs and my hair was half straight/half wavy. I should look up that hairstyle to do next time. Anyways, I couldn’t process what just happened, so I stood there for awhile. And then I saw Christina. I was really happy to see her. We were eating together, but there was another weird rule that you couldn’t drink liquids at all. Christina “stole” a bottle of orange juice, and so we were sharing it together. Then I had deja-vu in the dream. And I said, “Omg. Christina remember last year? The same thing happened. You, Cat, me, and all these people were sharing one cup of Coke together.. blah blah blah.” I was trying to forget what just happened with the Jihwan dude, but I realized how good-looking and mysterious he is and I was slightly falling for him. hahaha. Anyways I must have been really thirsty because my mouth was getting dry in real life. I was breathing through my mouth. And then I just woke up really quickly.

Interesting dream? It’s kinda cute.

I have a lot of other dreams that I dreamt about. I guess I will write about those later because I have to start studying.



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