Quarter Life Slump

I am going through a quarter life slump right now. Urban dictionary defines it as “a crisis that occurs when a person questions their entire existence, much like a mid life crisis, but occurs in [the] late teens or early twenties[;] very prevalent in college sophomores.”

I had a severe mental breakdown today. This whole week was terrible, in fact. I cried in front of my roommate 3 times.

I’m still so depressed. I haven’t done anything today besides failing my exam, skipping class, crying myself to sleep, and starving myself. How emo. A friend asked me if I haven’t committed suicide yet, being premed and all. What the? Why would you ask that even if it’s a joke?

Anyways, I think I’m bringing people down around me. I’m more depressed than ever. My roommate says that I’m not like my normal self. I think I’m worrying my parents times a million. I don’t mean to bring sadness and gloom into your lives T__T. I’m going through a major life crisis, a slump. I’m supposed to be writing my paper right now and continue studying for the impossible classes that I have, but my brain is dead. I have a huge migraine. I feel very light-headed and I feel like my brain is being squished by a boulder, so does my heart. I’m having heart problems these days, and I can’t breathe. Depression go away and Jesus come into my life. Sigh, I think I might go cry myself to sleep again.


On a BRIGHTER note, I wanted to update about how people come across my blog. A lot of random people have been visiting my site. My little vent up there is pretty personal, but I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my blog a little more impersonal/keep it a little more discreet, I suppose, and not to reveal too much about me.

My blog comes up on search engines, like google, and these are the words that many people typed in to come across my blog. It’s kinda funny.

“WOOYOUNG” (I get a lot of searches about him)

“2PM 우영”                     “orgo”                     “longest nails”

“wooyoung poster 2PM”               “wooyoung ideal girl”

“how to write an orgo lab report”                 “stress orgo”

“wooyoung wallpaper”                   “dorm my desk”

“wooyoung hair”                        “all about bling” (haha)

“orgo lab results”       “2PM 우영 up”         “korean movie”

“style korean boy”                      “emotionless crying”

“inate orgo lab”       “wooyoung cry”       “2pm wooyoung”

“expression emotionless”                  “키다리 아저씨 lyric”

“2pm wooyoung again and again concept pho”

“my nails!”            “girl dorm bed”

“2PM emotionless”            “nails girl”          “korean nails”

“wheesung download”                    “nichkhun rape” (wtf?)

“ate a green potato chip”                             “korean myth”

“7 years of love” (on daum – a korean search engine!)

“look emotionless”                               “emotionless boy”

“wooyoung 2pm”               “wooyoung again”

“ok taekyeon”                                           “wooyoung mv”

“brewster, syracuse, dorm rooms”

“na-young rape chemical cleaner” (?)


Oh yeah and I made a linkedin account. It’s a real networking site, not so much social.


I was reading this article. I can’t find it, but it was pointing out the division in income of facebook, myspace, twitter, and linkedin users. The more affluent community will use linkedin > twitter > facebook > myspace, while myspace users have a significantly lower income. I think it’s pretty true. Although I have all four of those networking sites, I mostly use facebook and twitter. I made a linkedin account to join the bandwagon and to go with the new trend. haha.


One thought on “Quarter Life Slump

  1. cast your burdens onto Jesus for he cares for you!

    everything compared to Jesus falls short–that’s what i’m learning right now. ambitions are good but pray that God will help you to do God’s will and not compromise his will with your own will. be encouraged! his plans are far greater than yours. you really have to learn to submit/surrender your life to him daily. philippians 4:6-7. learn to love chilling in his presence. :]

    i’ve been pretty depressed too lately. community sucks. seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be given to you. it sounds cliche and churchy but all i want for me and everyone is just to know Jesus. if that means God has to break down our idols and take away things that give us false security, i pray it will be so. it’s tough because as i’m praying that, he’s answering because i know that’s what he desires. his greatest commandment is to love God and love people. let’s pray and ask that God would take away the blindfolds of fear, pride, hurts, idols, condemnation, and yourself.

    know that you are loved and cared for. i pray you have people to speak truth into your life daily; not just truth that makes you feel better for a little bit but truth that gives you hope for everyday and eternity.

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