You And I

I think this is the first time I’ve been super updated with Kpop. This song was released yesterday in Korea (today in US time). At the earliest, I’m usually a couple days behind because I have to find people who post up mp3 files for me to download. But yay I downloaded this song really quickly. I shouldn’t be really proud of that since I am promoting illegal activity, I suppose. =T

Park Bom (박봄) is so cute. I’m starting to like her a lot. I’m like inspired by her eye makeup. I want to do something like that, but I don’t really know how to wear makeup. I love her hair too – so long, thick, and luscious. Hmm do I have a celebrity crush on her?

Who is that boy in the MV? He’s cute. He reminds me of Wheesung (휘성) a little bit. I must look him up and stalk him, but at a later time because I still have a lot of hw/studying to do right now at 3:17AM.

I’m listening to this song nonstop now… this song will be added to my current “addiction” songs, such as 7년간의 사랑, Chocolate Love, etc.

Isn’t the MV so cute? It’s sad, yet really cute at the same time.




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