Picture Update

In my previous entry, I said that I would dedicate one entry per 2PM member. Obviously, that failed. I didn’t have the time to look for nice pictures of the 6 other boys.

Instead of a celebrity update, I’m posting pictures of what I took.


A couple weeks ago, my cousin came over to my house. We spent time together just chit-chatting and doing girl stuff, I guess. We painted each others’ nails.


My nails that my cousin painted.


My cousin’s nails that I painted.

This is my how my nails look currently. I did 봉숭화 (sp?) during the last week of July. It’s pretty much dying your fingernails with this special flower. Koreans in the old days used to do them because they didn’t have nail polish at that time. There is this Korean myth that if your 봉숭화 nails still remain during the winter after dying them in the summer, then your first love will come true. hahah. Let’s see if mine stay on until then and if my first love comes true.



Today, I was eating lunch and I found a green potato chip! It was really small, but it reminded me of this one Arthur episode (HAHA -___-) when Binky and DW thought they were going to die because they ate a green potato chip.



I finally finished making my dorm room to be more Jane-like. Here are some pictures:


My bed + beside area.


My desk and dresser area.


My packed closet.


The first thing you see when you enter my room: Twilight.


Before: bare wall


After: Dong bang shin ki. Thanks Cat!


Before: the wall that separates my roommate’s side of the room from mine. plain nasty.


After: covered the wall with FT Island. It looks a bit better.


F4 + Jihoo Sunbae over my bed haha

When I first entered my room, I was about to cry because it was so hideous and dirty. It was hard to live in dirty Haven Hall when I previously lived in clean Brewster Hall. Now, I’m getting used to my very Koreanized and pink room.


I want to vent, but now that I know that there are more people than I expected reading this… I won’t full-out vent. I have a lot of burden and I want to give up everything. I’m so tired. I don’t want to study. I feel like I”m going to faint every single day. I’m on the verge of feeling miserable. It’s only day 4. What’s wrong with me?

Disregard what I said above. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


One thought on “Picture Update

  1. um heck no i’m not going to disregard what you’ve said above!

    praying for you girl. God loves you.

    keep in touch. i need my daily if not weekly and if not monthly dosage of oj

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