Hello Blog!

I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. I posted one emo entry in June, nothing in July, and it’s already August. I promise I will write more…

Yesterday I bought a pair of hot pink skinny jeans. Omg, I don’t know… I don’t know if I can pull them off or if I’ll even wear them in public because I’ll be too embarrassed by them. Ever since 소녀시대 (SNSD)’s Gee rage, I thought that the colorful skinny jeans looked cute and I wanted to buy a pair, but I never did until now. I was trying it on again today and I noticed that I happened to be wearing a tye-dye shirt. When I looked at the mirror, I looked like one of the Shinee boys. If you don’t know Shinee, they’re a Korean boy band group who has a fruity style these days.. Don’t get me wrong though. I still like them. haha.


Yeah… I don’t know.

Again yesterday, I went to H-Mart with my mom. There’s many different sample corners. I was reading this one sign and it said “black-red raspberry wine.” It’s called 복분자 in Korean. The drink looked like it would taste good and fruity even though it’s practically soju with 16% alcohol. I knew I wouldn’t be able to just sneak a drink on my own, so I asked my mom to get me a little, miniscule shot. I told my mom to just sneak one over to me as we walk away from the table. However, she just gives it to me in front of the lady who was guarding the alcohol. The lady goes ballistic. No I’m just kidding. Well, she askes my mom how old I am. My mom bumped up my age from 19 to 20. The lady stares me down and thinks I’m a middle schooler, definitely not over 21, so she tells my mom that it is illegal for me to drink alcohol. My mom goes, “Oh it’s ok since I’m here with her.” hahah that was the most awkward moment ever. 엄마는 진짜 눈치 없어. Anyways, that drink tasted horrible – not fruity and sweet like imagined. I’m sorry that I’m talking about drinking alcohol. I know I’m not supposed to and that I have a 착한 image (lol), but it’s not like I really drink. I’m just curious about the tastes of different alcoholic beverages.. Ok I’ll just end it here before my defensiveness leads to people thinking that I am an alcoholic.


2 thoughts on “Hello Blog!

  1. HAHA my mom is the same! and i actually used to be one of those sample distributors at my local h-mart (sad but true). my station was mandoo though not alcohol. i wasn’t really good at it. i burned my hand on the frying pan and my mandoo always turned out really black on the outside but still frozen on the inside. sigh. yeah this is the longest comment ever, but just wanted to add that if you get curious about the alcohol we can learn together in the fall =]

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