blah blah blah

warning: this entry is just me rambling. therefore i will be disobeying all grammatical rules.

omg so it’s been 20 days since i’ve been back home. i have done nothing. currently i’m lying on the couch and typing with my laptop on my belly. the infamous lazy jane position. this couch has turned into my bed, literally. i’ve lived in aurora/oswego (a really random place that north shore people do not know about) for about a year now. well my family has been living here for a year. i’ve lived here for a total of maybe 4 months. it was really hard adjusting to aurora/oswego because i’ve been spoiled by growing up in the cocky north shore area. i hated this place and i always went to glenview/northbrook during breaks. i think i didn’t like my house here is because i didn’t get a room. there’s this open space upstairs kind of like a loft and that became my “room.” my parents thought that i wouldn’t need a room since i would be out of state for the majority of the time. i have always gotten the biggest, prettiest room before. i think i was/am really spoiled. i had a queen bed since i was 4. i went from the crib to my own queen bed. and then all of a sudden i had to change to not having a room and having a twin bed. meh. it gets really hot in that loft area and i CANNOT stand heat, so i’ve been sleeping out on the couch in the living room. what a bum. secretly though i’ve gotten used to aurora/oswego. i love the shopping venues here. it’s a newly built town, so all the stores are brand new and sparkling clean, which i really like. the sales tax is cheaper than cook county. and gas prices here are a lot cheaper. i’ve gotten really frugal about shopping, so even though i shop a lot, i think i get pretty good deals. i don’t really like spending money since i never have any money, but it’s inevitable to spend when you hang out with people. so whenever i do hang out people and then i check how much i spent at the end of the day, i get sad. the day before i flew in from syracuse to chicago, my dad told me that my family was planning on moving again. that caught me off guard. so i tried to stay in aurora/oswego all the time instead of driving 90 miles in and out to glenview/northbrook everyday. i was planning to enjoy aurora/oswego while i have the chance. so i haven’t been hanging out with people and kinda went antisocial. my family is going to move in 5 days. i’m leaving this house in 3 days. i’m kinda sad. i saw the new place we’re moving to in des plaines. it’s bigger and i get my own room, my own personal space, but it’s so tacky. my parents will probably end up moving again, so i have to tolerate the tackiness. these days (while looking at different houses and being obsessed with interior designing) i really want my own apartment or house. but obviously i can’t because i don’t have any money to live on my own. and i’m still a baby -__-. i wonder when i’ll have my own place and stuff because i think it’ll be so fun to invite people over and like cook and stuff. but i’m planning to “mooch” off my parents for awhile. lol.

today i went to the converse store to buy a pair of converse because i have a fetish for shoes. i thought there would be a lot more variety but i wasn’t too impressed. i just got the plain black ones that everyone has. i got the kids size though. ironically it fits better. i hate having small feet. i love shoes but i can never find any that fit me. sneakers are good to find because i always wear a size bigger. even the black kids converse is still big.. i can never find nice heels or flats. even a 5 is too big. sigh. i don’t like it when the workers at certain stores follow you around and ask how you’re doing. i get a bit annoyed. at the converse store this guy kept asking me if i needed any help finding anything. i said “no” a couple of times but he came in pretty handy in the end.

i am so lazy. gosh. my sleep cycle is pretty messed up too. i mean it’s not that bad compared to extreme people, but it’s pretty bad. i sleep at like 3:30AM and wake up at 12:00-1:00PM. i waste way too much time. i need to be more productive.

i’ve missed watching korean tv. lol. that’s like what i do all day. i watch like every korean drama, documentary, variety show, etc that’s showed on the kbs channel. i don’t even watch regular tv anymore not that i ever did after i gave it up for lent a few years back.

what else to say. blah blah blah.


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