My Hobby

“What’s the first thing you want to do when you get home?”

I answer: drive, take a bath, eat my mom’s food, and sleep.

I love driving around. Driving during the day is ok. I don’t like how there are so many people around, but whatever since I need to take care of business. I love driving at night – late at night – when there is no one on the road except me. The weather is cool so I roll down all my windows and I drive at whatever speed. Sometimes I drive fast for the thrill and other times I drive extremely slow because I just think while I am driving idly. I’m beginning to like the highway a lot, but that’s only because I take the same route like everyday. Another thing – I love blasting my music in my car. During the day, I usually listen to whatever is on the radio. Well, it actually depends on my mood. During the summer I get into the “American music” phase, so I listen to American music. The other times I am in my “fob” phase, so I only listen to Korean music (which is like 89% of the time). Today at night, I blasted my Korean music. haha. Super Junior – Marry U. I absolutely love that song because it’s so romantic. Imagine an acapella/pop Korean song being blast from a silver Honda.. hmm so Asian.

I think I have an obsession with bathrooms. I never realized it until now, but if I could live in the bathroom, I probably would. I love clean bathrooms and that’s why I’ve been so obsessed about BBB’s (my dorm) bathroom and I didn’t want to live in any other dorms because all the other bathrooms are plain nasty. I remember watching this Full House episode from like more than a decade ago. DJ and Stephanie didn’t want to share a room anymore because they both wanted their own room, so Stephanie decided to “move out.” She made the bathroom into her room. She put all her pillows, cushions, and comforter in the bathtub, so that it was like a bed. I thought that was the greatest idea ever and I secretly wanted to live in the bathtub too after I saw that episode. Anyways, I think I am really obsessed with bathrooms and baths. I love baths. I like taking the nice, long, Korean-style bath. hahah. I need to learn how to take quicker showers. I like to just stand there and waste like more than an hour.

Today, I worked at my mom’s cleaners because she had a doctor appointment. I was alone and in charge for a few hours. It was so nerve-wrecking. I hate working with customers because I always make mistakes, they think I am an idiot, and it’s just so intimidating to please them. If it weren’t my mom’s store and I was actually hired and getting paid, then I would’ve gotten fired on the spot for sure. I am not experienced in working because I’ve never really worked (besides the summer school I work at but that’s a different story). I know a lot of people worked during high school, but I was one of those kids whose parents wouldn’t let them work because academics and getting good grades is more important than making some pocket money. I have no life experience in anything..


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