Hey, it’s a new look on crazyforjuice’s blog!

I was getting sick of the other layout and I hated the font. I spent 1.5 hours just figuring out how to create a new look… On your right, you can even check out my twitter statuses. (I’m seriously trying to attract stalkers or something =/) Anyways, I think I’ll keep this layout for while, until I get sick of it.

I should really be studying, but I get anxious when I think about how much I have to study and how much I messed up this semester. Therefore, I am wasting time in other, more “enjoyable” ways. Sigh…


I have crazy dreams – not dreams as in my outlook of the future, but the dreams that come when I’m in REM sleep. They’re not crazy crazy, as in fantasies like flying and conquering the world, they’re somewhat realistical, yet I get confused by them.

A lot of times, I’m the main character in my dream and it’s like living in a Korean drama. My favorite dream of all time has to be my dream with Eric from Shinhwa. HAHA I’m not going to write about it here, but if you want to know you can ask me. It’s quite interesting and hilarious…

Lately or more like starting this semester, I have been having a lot of weird dreams. I have many different series of dreams per night and I wake up after each dream. I think how weird it is and go back to sleep. And then once I wake up again, I don’t remember them. Last night, a doctor told me that my dad has lung and liver cancer and that he will die soon. That was scary. Today I had another scary dream. My dorm room was made out of all windows/glass. These two old men were peering into my room (which is at a bottom of a hill) and watching me sleep. One of the old men, was stalking me when I was walking to class and stuff. He kept asking me all these questions and touched me and stuff. It was a scary and disturbing pedophile dream. Sometimes, I’m so absorbed into my dreams that I can’t wake up. Actually, I just realized that these weird, scary, the-dreams-i-can’t-wake-up-in happen after I have pulled an all-nighter and trying to catch up on sleep.

I have always been interested in dreams and the meanings behind them (if it’s really true). But why am I having a lot of scary and weird dreams these days? I like to dream the happy, Korean drama-style dreams. In those, I’m the main character and the director at the same time because I change perspectives constantly.

hahah anyways, I should really start studying. Sigh, I hate this. I’m going to pull an all-nighter again tonight. I am actually at newhouse (the journalism building). It’s my first time being in here and studying. It’s a nice, new, modern environment compared to the library, which looks like a prisoner cell. Oh that reminds me, as I was walking to newhouse, I pass the veterans hospital. A series of police cars and a “prisoner transport” van pulled into the driveway. I continued to walk, but I couldn’t help but be curious. I couldn’t see the “prisoner” but he was yelling, “BRING ME MY WIFE!” and there were so many policemen surrounding the van. That was an interesting sight.

I should stop writing now and study… grr chem, bio, and anatomy. Those finals are this week. Then I have biopsych final next week. And then HOME next week. I’m excited to leave this place.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to my brother.


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. both of our blogs are so depressing looking. at least yours has some color hahaha. anyway, yes.. it was good talking to you :) i didn’t end up pulling an all-nighter but i did stay up until 4:30ish. i’ve been having weird dreams too but not as weird as yours. anyway, happy bday brother! talk to you soon dude. only a week left! hwaiting!

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