Spring Break is Over

I haven’t updated in awhile.

So I am back at ‘Cuse. I still find it awkward calling my school that. I had a very enjoyable spring break. I was able to relax a lot, go shopping, drive, eat, and spend time with family and friends in Chicago. I wish break was longer. I am not ready to be here. Thinking of what I have to do makes me feel nervous/불안해.

I used to be a nerd. I studied and many times I enjoyed it (at least I think so). Nowadays it’s so hard for me to stay focused in school. I thought my gift was knowlegde, but man I hate it these days. I only enjoy watching Korean entertainment. Sigh I’m like going back to my freshman year in high school days.

정신차리자. Productive & nerdy day starting tomorrow. Fill my brain up with knowlegde instead of Korean entertainment. Of course, I have to be reminded of my true #1 priority daily.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break is Over

  1. hey jane,

    it was good seeing you over break. i’m sorry we didn’t get to catch up as much.

    i hope you were able to physically relax but not spiritually relax during spring break. i know it’s hard but i hope and pray that your purpose for doing anything will be for the glory of God. the motivation behind everything that you do should be just that.

    i don’t want you to feel that you always need to lean on some person to grow but i want you to take ownership of your relationship with God. He wants to draw near to you especially in times of hardship and spiritual battle. in all of the voices that bicker and go in and out of your heart and mind, listen for God’s voice. He’s telling you that He loves you and really, that’s enough. to know that you live by grace and not because you’re entitled to live or have any of the things that you have right now.

    let’s live under the knowledge of grace and humility. He will exalt the humble.

    i hope you’ll struggle and seek God for strength during this week. take it one day at a time. pray that God will give you enough grace, strength for that day.

    remember that you’re not called to do everything on your own. you need God. maybe that’s what He wants you to learn right now.

    i don’t mean to sound harsh and i hope you won’t be offended when i say this. it’s true that it’s much easier for me to confront you on your blog because i can’t look at your face and say this.

    stop complaining and pray. don’t pick up the label as a nerd to get rid of your guilt of not doing well in school. God doesn’t want your grades. i know the pressure of doing well for your parents and other people is there. but the focus is on you because you don’t want to have a bad rep. because you want to be successful and not fail.

    but remember the God that you serve. the God who knows all of your fears and hopes. the God who is bigger than your grades, your parents, the approval of people, your guilt/shame, korean entertainment, fbook, you, me, and anything/everything.

    i’ll be praying for you. be encouraged/strengthened for the Lord God is with you wherever you go. the same God that you encountered in Chicago is the same God in Syracuse. don’t forget that.

    most importantly, i want to say, God loves you. more than you’ll ever know.

    let’s pick up the cross and follow Him daily.

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