I waste too much time

I seriously waste too much time. I don’t even know how time flies by so fast. I sit around thinking way too much and I am way too addicted to my computer. Lent is in 2 days. I was struggling about what to give up because I know I should give up these two things but they like complete my life…?! 꽃보다 남자 (Boys over Flowers) and Facebook. I was going to limit my 꽃남 and facebook usage to maximum 1.5 hours a day and spend the rest of my life doing QTs and studying. At this rate… I may have to throw away my computer. SIGH.

Lent has been quite successful the past few years. I gave up TV, internet, My Girl (a Korean drama I was addicted/obsessed about during sophomore year), etc. However, I don’t think I really got any closer to God. I thought giving up my obessions was enough because that in itself was very difficult. Lent is a period of time when we should strive to have a closer relationship with God without being distracted from our everyday hinderances, as we reflect on how much God loves us to have his one and only son suffer and die for us.

I think last year I had a similar plan as this year: to limit my worldly “pleasures.” Limiting is not enough though. The most important aspect is to replace the time I waste so easily with continual meditation on the Word. I have to admit that it is very hard. I hope I can carry it out successfully this year.

So… I was actually going to update my blog with Korean media-ness because I have so many different entries already planned out but somehow my train of thought went onto thinking about Lent.

When I do snap out of being part of the world, I remember how unworthy and sinful I am. I get scared a lot, so I think I limit myself from experiencing God fully. Then at that point, I fall back into the world again. It’s a constant battle and struggle.

Anyways, I am not going to give up 꽃남 and facebook completely (maybe I am still being selfish but I don’t want to fail and forget about Lent all together), but hopefully as Easter approaches I will have my priorities straight (through daily meditation) so that 꽃남 and facebook won’t be hindering my life anymore.

I will keep you updated.

Please do not get angry if I update next time with fangirlyness. I already had the entries all planned out…


3 thoughts on “I waste too much time

  1. Let me know what you’re doing for lent. FB and AIM are few of the things I’m giving up for lent so let’s keep in touch through our blogs. :) Hope to hear from you soon.

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