Long night at the library

I need to update this blog more often. I have many ideas to talk/write about, but I get way too lazy.


Anyways I was pulling all-nighters once again. (picture evidence ↓)


A couple days ago, I was at the library studying for my anatomy and physiology exam, but I was extremely tired and was hungry. I decided to go to the vending machine to get something to eat. I didn’t really want to eat anything though because all the junk food in the vending machine are so fattening. However, I got some “sour patch kids” (because they are delicious) and something else caught my eye. 100_0208It’s called “Combos.” I have neither heard nor seen it before, so I decided to try it (despite my pickiness and dislike of trying new foods). It tasted ok. Nah, honestly it was salty. I only tried one chip and I suddenly couldn’t eat the rest. I think I was too absorbed in studying for anatomy and physiology because the chip suddenly looked like a blocked artery. I know I’m crazy and quite nerdy, but I felt like I was eating a human artery. I was going to gag and I couldn’t eat it anymore. I took a picture of it for souvenir but that was a waste of a dollar.



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4 thoughts on “Long night at the library

  1. omg you’re such a nerd! you know what’s crazy though? during bio lab yesterday, i was looking at a poster of the human artery in its different stages of clogg-age?

    hope you’ve been well. don’t spread yourself out too thin.

    love you darling!

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