New Beginning

Hello readers!

I always said I would make a blog, but I never took the time to make one. At last, here it is.

I was a xanga fan and I used to post a lot of entries, updated my layouts using HTML skills, add pictures, etc. However, once myspace came along, I stopped blogging but still focused on HTML layout-making. And then when I started facebook, I stopped everything all together. My HTML skills are very rusty, so I won’t take the time to change my layout every week. Instead, I will just write. I am not a fan of writing anymore, so bare with my “bad” writing skills.

I didn’t know what kind of username to choose. I wanted to go for something different rather than the “christmasj134” that everyone knows me by or the “janechoi” or “xjaneeex,” etc. Nothing came to mind at first. Then I was craving for orange juice because I am really sick right now. I decided on “orangejuice” but the username was already taken, so I tried “ojuice.” Yet again, taken. After thinking for awhile, I decided on “crazyforjuice” because I seriously am crazy for juice, orange juice in particular.

Let me tell you a story about myself regarding orange juice:

I LOVE ORANGE JUICE. I hate milk. The end.

When I was born, my mom didn’t take care of me because she was working at that time. I had a nanny/babysitter. Since my mom was working, I never was breast fed. My mom would leave formulated milk for my nanny to give to me. I guess I never drank it. When I was about 3 months old, my nanny tried giving me orange juice. Apparently I loved it. Since then, I grew up drinking only orange juice. I never really drank milk because I would gag and refuse to drink it. I remember when I was around 2-3 years old, I would cry in the middle of the night for orange juice, so my mom would have to give me orange juice in a “milk” bottle.

I kind of regret not drinking milk when I was younger though. I could have been taller. I am so short. Plus, I never slept at the right time when I was young. Growth hormones are supposed to come out during 10PM-2AM. I didn’t sleep during those times. Once I have a kid, I am going to force him/her to drink milk and sleep at the right time. My parents spoiled me too much.

Anyways, my love for orange juice at an extremely young age inspired me to have the theme of “orange juice” for my blog.

I am so sick right now. I thought I was pretty strong in the sense that I don’t get the cold/flu. If I were to get sick, it would be from stress or from TOM cramps. This is bad because I don’t take medication. I was sick for 2 weeks during winter break too. Ugh I have to get better soon because I have to do work. I wasn’t able to do ANY work today. Maybe I’ll try later.

I’ll try to update you about my boring life… or random tidbits about me… or Korean media update… or yeah…

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “New Beginning

  1. 야! how can you say you hate 우유?! i’m 우유.. i can’t say i feel the same way about juice. i like juice. anyway, hope you write regularly, lady. good to see you enter the blog world ;).. well xanga.. w/e. welcome!

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